Lucca Solid Surface bathroom vessel sink. Natural wood


Brand Bathco
SKU: 6037
  • Available as pre-order only. Lead time 4 weeks.
  • Beautiful European modern contemporary design. 
  • Made of Solid Surface and laminated wood. Natural or Gray finished
  • Waterproof 
  • Vessel sink suitable for modern and contemporary bathroom decoration.
  • Standard drain.
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain

Solid Surface and Birch wood laminated

If this material stands out for anything, it is for its durability and attractive matte finish. This is because of a composition with thermal characteristics that give it translucency and whiteness. It is here that a single piece combines solidity, uniformity and beauty with texture and visual appeal. 

Planks of marine lumber of the type used for boat-building is the wood adopted for use in the bathroom for its durability and permanence. Birch lathed by expert carpenters has come on the scene to be combined with Solid Surface to unite tradition and modernity in a single piece.