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Technoled single hole bathroom sink faucet. Temperature sensor LED system.


SKU: 8925GEL101NE

 Sometimes is too hard to decide what faucet you need to buy for your bathroom project. You must take in count several factors to take a decision. Style, design, color, quality, durability, warranty, use safety, price, etc.

Very confusing and too hard to decide if you are not a professional in this theme.
We won't offer you the best choice, but the correct choice if you are looking for something different, modern and safe with a warranty of 5 years against any manufacturer defect.

  • The most important feature of this faucet is that it is capable to let you know the temperature of the water using 3 colors. Red when the water temperature is between 105-122 Fahrenheit degrees, Green for a range of 87-104 and blue for a range of 32-86. When the water temperature is unsafe ( plus more than 122 Fahrenheit degrees the red light is flashing).
  • No batteries or electricity is necessary for working. The LED system has a generator installed in the faucet base that works by the force of the water stream. Simple and safe.
  • We offer this bathroom sink faucet in three finishes, polished chrome, matte white or matte black, then, you can decide what color match better with your project.
  • This contemporary faucet brings a water economizer "Econsystem" to allow till 50 % of water saver. Flow control 8L/min/ 5 bar.
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain.