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Jellyfish bathroom vessel sink designed by David Delfin


Brand Bathco
SKU: 406966

Jellyfish bathroom vessel sink designed by David Delfin is backordered. We will ship it separately per published lead time.

  • This hand decorated bathroom ink is available as pre-order only. Lead time: 6 weeks
  • This bathroom sink is suitable for a modern decoration
  • Designed and hand painted by David Delfin, a famous Spanish designer.
  • Bathroom sink made of white ceramic, hand painted.
  • very decorative washbasin.
  • Vessel sink. Use standard drain hardware.
  • Jellyfish have always a generated fascination. Their shapes, textures, transparencies and colors seem to be from another planet. They are being that react to light whose watery and undulating movements have inspired this design.

The Atelier is a space for creation and experimentation where a group of multidisciplinary artists develops ideas and intervene on washbasins individually, making each a work of art with a unique and one-of-a-kind nature. Atelier Collection is the most exclusive collection. This group of artists, starting with a single concept, propose eight totally different points of view that give life to fourteen unique washbasins. An original, personalized, case depicting the motif of each washbasin and signed by the artist. Atelier, a unique initiative that for the first time links the world of art to the ceramics sector and bathroom décor. Imagine, additionally, how this space for artistic creation and experimentation is implemented in the company. The artists come up with ideas, work on new designs, create, and experiment with the possibilities of painting and its fusion with other materials: iron and sand particles, crystals, etc. Unquestionably, it is a collaboration project between these artists who add their personal stamp, a way of life, and understanding of art to each of the pieces that emerge from the kiln in this workshop. Hand-painted Designed and manufactured in Spain.