Titanic first class cabin white porcelain undermount bathroom sink


Brand Bathco
SKU: 4073
  • This product is available as pre-order only. Lead time 4 weeks.
  • Replica of the first class passengers cabin of the Titanic. 
  • With your purchase, you will receive a Titanic collection bathroom towel set as a gift. This towel set has been manufactured under the Titanic Foundation license.
  • Made of white porcelain, hand painted. Overflow.
  • Suitable for a vintage or modern bathroom decoration.
  • Size: W:22.2 " D: 16.3" H: 8.1"
  • Siphon included
  • Designed more than 100 years ago. Manufactured in Spain under the Titanic Foundation license.

More than one hundred years have gone by, but we continue to be fascinated by everything about the Titanic; booth its history, which has been covered in successful motion pictures and documentaries, and the grand scale of the construction project for that famous ship. 

Bathco has recovered the best of that era in its Titanic Collection, a line of bathroom sinks and other elements that faithfully reproduce the first and second class bathroom of the Titanic.

For the Titanic Foundation, it was extremely important to accurately reproduce the bathrooms on the "Ship of Dreams", because they help millions of people to imagine exactly what daily life on board was like, especially for the First and Second class passengers.