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Milan 64 inches double sink bathroom vanity with sink , 4 Drawers, 2 open modules. Modern vanities.


SKU: 1269702
Introducing the Milan 64 Inches Double Sink Bathroom Vanity, a sleek and modern addition to elevate your bathroom space. This contemporary vanity features a double sink design, perfect for accommodating multiple users with ease.
  • This bathroom vanity has been designed for a master bathroom and offers ample storage with its four drawers and two open modules, providing convenient space for organizing your bathroom essentials.
  • The drawers are not only functional but also boast a luxurious leather appearance interior, adding a touch of elegance to your vanity experience. Equipped with high-quality hidden full extraction runners and a soft-close system, the drawers operate smoothly and quietly, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom.
  • One of the standout features of the Milan vanity is its upper U-shape drawer, which includes an organizer for small items. This clever addition allows you to neatly arrange and access your frequently used items, keeping your bathroom clutter-free and well-organized.
  • For a clean and seamless installation, the Milan vanity comes with a hidden hanging bracket. This wall hanging bracket not only provides exceptional resistance but also allows for easy depth and height regulation, ensuring a customized and secure fit in your bathroom.
With its modern design, ample storage, and high-quality features, the Milan 64 Inches Double Sink Bathroom Vanity is the perfect choice to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Experience the elegance and convenience it offers today
- 2 wall mounted Vanity 24" , 2 drawers with Soft close drawer system.
- 2 open modules on for improving storage capacity.
- 2 Round Ceramic vessel sink. Sand finish. No overflow.
- Concretech composite top 64 inches.
- Wall Mount Metal Brackets & Screws
Structure: Foil wrapped MDF 5/8 in. board.
Front: Foil wrapped MDF 5/8 in. board.
Open modules. Made od MDF lacquered. Matte finish.
Open modules sand finish for Sandy Gray, Bone Oak and Gray Elm vanities.
Open module black finish for Matte white vanity.
Handle: Metal handle. White vanity -matte black finish / Grey Elm vanity - Sand finish / Sand vanity - Sand finish.
Pipe depth: Pipe depth free space 3 in.
2 year warranty: Manufactured in Spain.
Ready to install: Pre-assembled cabinet. Wall Mounted Design. Environmentally Friendly. CARB2 Certification approved.
Vanity Size. L: 64" W: 18" H: 22" inches.
Top Size. L: 64" W: 18" H: 1/4" inches. ( Distance between drains 31.5 inches, U shape in first drawer for drain 5 inches width)

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