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Dance circles hand decorated bathroom vessel sink. Swarovski crystals inlaid


Brand Bathco
SKU: 008SW

Dance circles hand decorated bathroom vessel sink. Swarovski crystals inlaid is backordered. We will ship it separately per published lead time.

  • This hand decorated bathroom sink is available as pre-order only. Lead time 6 weeks
  • Amazing vessel sink made of Natural Porcelain. Matte finished.
  • Hand-painted and decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  • Handcrafted for expert artisans.
  • Suitable for a modern or classic decoration. Baroque theme.
  • Suitable for a luxury bathroom project.
  • Vessel sink without overflow. Use standard drain.
  • Pieces inspired by that Bohemian artisan who discovered how to cut and polish lead glass as if it were a diamond. 

Daniel Swartz never imagined how far the cut glass he perfected over the course of decades would go. It happened in old Bohemia, the heart of Europe, a century and a half ago, and the company he gave life to, Swarovski, is today a worldwide leader and an example of a perfect marriage between a product of nature and the work of an artisan. With this line, we wanted to imbue our pieces with this visual magic that characterizes Swarovski cut glass to create new ambiances and new scenarios. And also new readings of Bathco pieces that we took great pleasure in making a reality.

Out of contrast arises enchantment, and under this philosophy also arises a line of natural porcelain pieces with Bathco prints and Swarovski crystal applications. Our proposal of elegant restraint and more calculated use of cut stones, present on the washbasin but without completely covering it, is another step towards making the piece mesh with a room as a perfectly harmonious element. One that personalizes it and renders it unique but without becoming its epicenter. The subtle hand painted is another sign of our identity that we wanted to highlight. The Natural Porcelain creations are like the movements of a symphony in classical music, capable of accommodating different moods and aesthetics without turning their back on the original essence.



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